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Best Practices


This page showcases the real world applications of circular PVC and the amazing things our members are doing within the industry in order to ensure a sustainable future for the material.

Go Bag


Circularity - the reuse of materials - is becoming increasingly important, not least in the construction sector. GoBag responds to this as a solution for recovering broken joinery and recycling it into raw material for making new window profiles. Click the button below to find out more:

VinylPlus® Med in partnership with RAFF Plastics

In 2021, RAFF Plastics partnered up with the VinylPlus® Med project. VinylPlus® Med brings together hospitals, waste processors and recycling companies to accelerate the sustainability of the European healthcare sector. They do this by recycling disposable medical materials into PVC. For example, oxygen and anaesthesia masks, dialysis bags and hoses. Materials that are used every day in the healthcare sector. Together with Renewi as a waste manager, they as a recycling company optimise the medical PVC waste management of the Europa Hospitals. A project with a vision for the future. Click the buttons below to find out more.

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