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Direct participation in tracing Cirular Economy in Europe.

  • Make your tonnage count
    By registering tonnages of recycled PVC and the use if this material in new products you make it possible for the PVC industry to demonstrate its progress towards circularity.


  • Co-create the future
    By providing your data you shape the future. The data is used by policy makers on national and EU level to make informed decisions about the investments into the recycling and converting industry.

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You become a part of European network of PVC recyclers and converters.

  • Consult the experts
    Our Brussels team and regional representatives are there to provide you with assistance and share their experience. 

  • Stay up to date
    Policy, regulatory and market updates are regularly provided to you.

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Get the most out of our data collection system - RecoTrace.

  • Report data in an easy and secure way
    RecoTrace is an easy to use system, which also allows integrations with your internal system.

  • Get all the insights
    Use RecoTrace dashboards to get a quick overview of your activities, compare it to the last years and get insights into the market trends.

  • Use it for internal reporting.
    All the data you provide and your dashboards can be exported and saved in different formats ready to be used in your internal reporting.

Use our system to your advantage

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New opportunities

Benefit from our activities

  • Make your voice heard
    By providing your data, participating in surveys and discussions you voice your opinion towards the national and EU decision makers.

  • Get new business opportunities
    Receive any relevant enquires from companies looking for a PVC recycler or converter via our regional representatives.

Recovinyl is set up by the European PVC value chain for the European PVC value chain.
Membership is free of charge
How to join

To join please fill in the online application form.

We will contact you within 14 days. 

If you need any assistance - contact us.