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The Recovinyl® organisation was established in 2003, by the European PVC value chain through the VinylPlus® framework, to help further develop and encourage PVC recycling in Europe. 

PVC is one of the most widely used plastics in the world with a wide range of long-life applications such as window profiles, pipes, flooring, cables, sport equipment, furniture and a range of lifesaving medical devices. 

Today, Recovinyl continues to monitor and verify the recycling of PVC waste and the uptake of PVC recyclate. Recovinyl is used to record how much PVC is being recycled in Europe and is the biggest contributor to the VinylPlus® recycling targets.

Simultaneously, Recovinyl brings together recyclers and converters to guarantee a circular movement of PVC material. Recovinyl also monitors the materials’ quality and safety by providing a system of traceability through its recycling path. 

The PVC value chain has recycled 6.5 million tonnes of PVC waste since the year 2000. 2020 alone, almost 728,828 tonnes of PVC were recycled within the Recovinyl network. Recovinyl continually invests in obtaining the 2021 target (recycling of 800,000 tonnes per year) and is preparing for the 2025 target (recycling and uptake of at least 900,000 tonnes per year).


Recovinyl guarantees the credibility of the recycling achievements, through the strict implementation of an audit protocol. 

Recovinyl actively promotes EuCertPlast, which is the European auditing scheme for plastic recyclers in Europe, encouraging the standardisation of audits and certifying best recycling practices. Recovinyl is also a founding member of EuCertPlast, alongside PRE, EuPC, and EPRO. 

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