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Recovinyl Welcomes Four New Recyclers

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Recovinyl would like to welcome four new recyclers; Kruschitz, Dobplast, Granuplast and Gron Recycling to the Recovinyl network.

Kruschitz is located in Southern Austria and has been working on solutions for the recycling of waste for more than 50 years, which has resulted in them becoming one of the leading companies in Austria for plastics recycling and waste management. Whilst, Dobplast are located in Ludus, Medias County in Romania and collect PVC waste. Granuplast, is a PVC recycler located in Vorbano, centrally located in the north of Italy. Last but not least Gron recycling is a 100% Portuguese company established in 2014. It is dedicated to the recycling of thermoplastics and in particular to PVC. At the moment is processing rigid and flexible PVC offering to its clients micronized and granulated high quality materials.


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