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We are announcing the official release of the Recovinyl numbers for 2023, at the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum in Cologne. Stay tuned for in-depth analysis and insights in the weeks following the event. Click the button below to find out more.
Established in 2003 by VinylPlus, as part of the original Vinyl 2010 Voluntary Commitment to advance the sustainable development of the PVC industry.
Today, Recovinyl continues to monitor and verify the recycling of PVC waste and uptake of recycled PVC in new products. 

Join us and more than 150 companies in our efforts to measure circularity of PVC in Europe!


About Us

Launched in February 2021, Recovinyl's new data collection system RecoTrace makes it easy for recyclers and converters to report their recycling and/or converting data.

Latest News 

PVC - Recyclable and suitable for Circular Economy

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PVC is well suited to recycling due to its advanced mechanical recycling properties.

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Recycling prevents a substantial amount of greenhouse gases and significantly reduces energy consumption. 

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Recycling contributes to the preservation of natural resources and significantly

reduces landfill volumes of PVC. 

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Large volumes of recyclable PVC waste are available.

Pipes & Fittings 


Flexibles & Films


Coated fabrics

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Window Profiles 



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